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Best Route Calculator for Excel

Best Route Calculator for Excel

The Best Route Excel Calculator brings the Google Maps power and results directly into your Excel Spreadsheet. It allows users to optimize the best route in the most efficient time to complete a trip. It will not only save in gas, but also in time.
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Excel Best Route Driving Calculator

Check out the video of how the Excel Best Route Calculator works:

The Excel Driving Distance Calculator brings the Google Maps Driving Distances results directly into your Excel Spreadsheet. It will save you hours of looking individual trips one by one into Google Maps. With no coding necessary it allows YOU to calculate thousands of driving distances and driving time with the click of a button!

What exactly does the Excel Best Route Calculator do?

The Excel Best Route Calculator will provide the best (shortest) possible route for a list of addresses. 

It will also generate the driving time and distance of such a route. In addtion, it will generate a map in Google Maps with Driving Directions that can be sent via text or email. 

How Does It Work?

The Excel Driving Distance Calculator is the easiest-to-use tool of its kind. You can get your Driving Distances and Driving Time directly in Excel in three Easy steps. See below:

Step 1

Paste the data into the Excel tool.

Step 2

Click the “Calculate” button.

Step 3

That’s it! - Watch the tool generate the driving distance and time in real time.

What is the Purpose of the Tool?

It allows the user to calculate driving time and driving distances directly into excel. Some of the benefits are:

  • NO installation necessary. All you need is Microsoft Excel in your desktop.
  • NO programming know-how required. A spreadsheet with a "Calculate" button in it and you are on your way to automating the driving distance and driving time calculations!
  • NO monthly charges. Just a one time fee!
  • REAL In Person Help if you need it. If you have any questions, email, call or just talk to me on the chat on this site!

Who is the Excel Driving Distance Calculator for?

The Excel Driving Distance Calculator is an excel based distance calculator that allows the user to generate Driving distances of a large list of addresses, zip codes, cities or geocodes. It allows the user to save tremendous amount of time by automating the generation of the driving distances for a large list of addresses, even tens of thousands of address combinations!

What do our Customers Say about us!

Travis Robey - This product is amazing

The Product is Amazing!

Robert Phillips - From Ohio

No Issues with the software. 

Vinnie, thanks for making such a great product


I absolutely love the tool!

This tool was so helpful and worked like a charm.

Mandy Miller

Travis Robey - This product is amazing
Robert Phillips - From Ohio
I absolutely love the tool!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Does this software work on Mac, or just PC?

    While the Excel Distance Calculator works on some versions of Mac computers, I currently do not offer support for MACs. As Macs use different VBA libraries, that can cause some conflicts with some of the functions in this tool.
  • Is this a one time fee, or ongoing?

    You will only pay once for this software. This will provide upgrades and live support via zoom if needed for one year. However the software should serve your needs for years to come.
  • Do I need a Google Maps API Key? What is a Google Maps API key?

    The Excel Distance Calculator uses the Google Maps Platform to give you extremely accurate (to the 1/100th of a mile). As such you will need to setup a google maps account. It takes 5 minutes to setup and it is free of charge. You can view the instructions on how to setup the google maps api key in this page. I have also created a video where it shows step by step how to setup the api key by clicking in this youtube video.

  • Is the Google Maps API key free? Do I have to pay for my calculations?

    The Google Maps API key is free to get. However, keep in mind Google does require you to setup an account. You can run up to 40,000 calculations every calendar month free of charge. If you go over the 40,000 calculations Google charges an a-la-carte fee of 5 USD/1000 queries/calculations. More information on Google Maps API Pricing can be fond in this link.

  • Can I use Addresses or Zip codes? What format should my input data be?

    The Excel Distance Calculator is extremely forgiving when it comes to what data you can use/enter. You may enter a combination of full addresses, zip codes, City/State or even Geocodes (Long/latitude).

    So “84122”, “ 123 Main, Park City, UT, 84101” or “Park City, UT” are all acceptable addresses. You can also mix and match your different address types. Obviously the more complete the address, the better ( more accurate) results you will receive.

  • Can the Excel Distance Calculator be used for non-US addresses? Can I enter, say Canadian or British Zip Codes?

    Absolutely. The Excel Distance Calculator works with addresses from all over the world. As it calculates driving distances please note that there needs to be a driving path between the two addresses. So a calculation between “New York City, NY” and “Paris, France” will not return a value as there is no driving path between those two cities as they are separated by ocean.

  • What is the maximum number of calculations I can perform at any one single run?

    The Excel Distance Calculator is meant to help you calculate driving distances and driving times between large sets of addresses. However keep in mind that the calculation is at the rate of about 3-5 calculations per second. So a 200,000 calculations data set would not be practical as it would take quite a long time. In addition, be aware of the costs associated with running such a large number of address sets. Refer to the API Setup Page for more information, but as to current time google allows for 40,000 calculations monthly free of charge. (via a 200 USD recurring monthly credit)

You will need a Google Maps API to use this tool!

All of our tools use the Google Maps API to generate results. This allows for accurate driving distance and time results and fast data. I have included some instructions on how to get a google maps API and what services to enable. Click here for more information on how to setup the Google Maps API Key.

A few more things regarding the Google Maps API Key.

You don't need to be a developer to setup a google maps api key. It takes about 5 minutes, and it is a simple as setting up an account with Google

  • The Google Maps API Key is free to setup. It doesn't cost anything.
  • You will get up to 40,000 calculations free of charge. (Google allows for a 200 dollar credit for every calendar month).
  • If you need more than 40,000 calculations in a calendar month, google charges an a-la-carte fee of 5 USD/1000 calculations.
  • For most of my clients that use this tool, 40,000 calculations are more than enough.
  • You will need to setup a billing account with Google, although you will not be charged unless you go over the 40,000 calculations per month.
  • If you have a large number of calculations, (more than 40,000) contact me. I might be able to help.