Calculate driving distances with a click of a button.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program, which is included in the Microsoft Office suite of applications. MS Excel is commonly used for analysing, sorting, reporting and storing data.

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Paste your data

With our tool which are built in Excel you can copy and paste your data as you do in Excel. Nothing to install and no coding know-how.


Click "Calculate"

The conveniently located "Calculate" Button is all you need to bring the power of Google Maps into your Excel Spreadsheet.


The tool will do the rest

Watch the tool generate the results from Google Maps Directly into your spreadsheet. Easy as that.

What our customers say

Great Software
Went out of comfort zone. Went outside of comfort zone last week when looking for tools to help with a business project allowing me to use Google to calculate distance between zipcodes for our employees and office locations. I came across Vinnie's youtube video and option to purchase his workbook. Being new to this, Vinnie reached out directly via zoom to assist me with the API setup in order to begin calculating over 15k distances. I was very impressed with his work and moreso his level of service during a time sensitive project. Would highly recommend and will keep Vinnie's contact on hand for future projects.
Demooo . . !!
Demo 5 min Ago
Great Work ..!!
testing 2 Day Ago
Very Helpful
Xyzabc 3 min ago